Thursday, February 11, 2016

How To Get Instagram Followers

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social network. The Bulletin Board-user is merely a collection of photos and images that tell in a few moments, through shapes and colors, people's lives. Such a prolonged gaze, then, also tags, through which users can search for and find, as well as reprimand sympathetically their images and those of others. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has completely revolutionized the world of social, showing that it is absolutely necessary to use words to communicate something: just a picture.

Here, then, are born other similar applications, based on the same concept, they have had much success (one might venture that even the microblogging start from here). Over the years it has become more and more, Instagram offered special tools and useful photo editing and especially many special filters that have made pictures of millions of users worldwide. Available for all operating systems for smartphones, and accessible from any pc, Instagram has also added the "video" option, allowing users to upload short moments live of their day.
Instagram Hack

With the introduction of Windows Phone has made available a Beta of Instagram created ad hoc: the app, available for free from the Store, is still among the most installed, but even among those who give more problems and less satisfaction. The beta indeed does not allow you to edit your photos in the same way of Android: often slows and, among other things, does not have the option to upload videos. Definitely a situation that creates a lot of discontent for Windows Mobile users. Despite small updates, Instagram remained for years in Beta for WP, necessitating the use of a second application interconnected that maybe not everybody knows: 6TAG.

6tag is the app that was originally called 6TAGRAM: had to change its name as Instagram has changed the rules on using "Insta" and "Gram" after the acquisition by Facebook. Is free to download from the Store, it allows access directly with the credentials Instagram and automatically connects to the app. Contains many more features than the classic Instagram for Windows Mobile Beta and, among other things, allows the upload of video. The photo editing is more complete (missing only the ability to rotate the 3d photos, present option on Android) and the whole thing is much faster, intuitive and lightweight. With little cost you can also remove the advertising banners which, anyway, are not annoying or obtrusive.

We all use Instagram daily but over time the app has grown so much to offer more and more features. Most then are hidden between the menus and to use them to the best it would be good to know. If the picture is distorted for example there is no problem. Tapping the wrench icon, go to "adjust" and here we can change the front and horizontal perspective across the image or straighten it.